Shurley Grammar

I can’t honestly say how I learned grammar. I believe it was a combination of teachers from middle school and Shurley Grammar. That being said I think I have always know not to use excessive punctuation. The saying too much of a good thing definitely applies for punctuation especially exclamation points and question marks. Seeing sentences end with five or more exclamation marks in common place on the internet and I suppose it holds some merit but it drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! See how annoying that is? Even reading the extra punctuation marks provides little benefit, I’ve never thought somebody using seventeen punctuation marks was more excited than a person using only one. They are used to denoted excitement not to gauge how excited you should be, that should be left to the word choice used by the author.

The definition of literacy is no longer limited to simply reading and writing, it applies to a multitude of areas such as Math, Gaming, Oral and so on. Several important points were made such as the focus on knowing the ins and outs of what it means to be literate in a specific field, such as confidence in Law. (Add what I takeaway from this)


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