Multiple Literaces

Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence – 6 forms of intelligence that added together to make a g-factor.

Literacy can be split into different sections similar to Gardner’s theory.

Contextual situations can completely change the dynamic and intrinsic value of something.

Context in a situation – ¬†Literacy means different things in different context like how texts are inform and the expectation isn’t the same with a research paper for college or a report for your job.

Symbolism – Depending on life circumstances simple things like water being a symbol for cleanliness could instead be a fearful notion to somebody who has almost drowned.

There is a basic understanding in psychology that you can’t gauge intelligence based on standard tests. Some people are just not good at some things but could be insanely amazing at others. For me this split is painfully obvious in that I just can’t art. Art isn’t normally a verb but in this case I think it suffices to say that I really just can’t art. That doesn’t make me stupid, in fact in our current culture many would say my math and reading comprehension skills would qualify me as a near genius. There are people that are the opposite of me who are amazing at artistic things but struggle with basic math. Does that make me smarter than them? Yes it does. By our current social standards I would be smarter than that person, but so what? Being “smarter” doesn’t mean jack squat if they can make a living off of what they love while I have to conform to society’s standards since I’m good at testing I’m expected to follow through with education and then get a job with math. I think people with artistic talents should be given the same opportunities even though they might not be able to test well.