Higher Education Communities and You

At current, I am an apprentice of the academic community for Computer Science as well as a member of this Writing and Inquiry community. I lay no claim to be an important member in either community as it is my goal to blend into the environments I am presented as to not draw excessive attention to myself. However I do consider myself an authority amongst both communities and will henceforth share my experiences thus.

As for the Computer Science Society, aka CSS, we share a common goal of learning the ways of programming and understanding how to interact with technology in a progressive manner. The main form of intercommunication appears in emails and moodle announcements for those enrolled in an ITCS class. As such there is not a significant amount of intercommunication however it is present. This participatory mechanism of communication is used as a teaching method most often and grants access to a plethora of resources related to Computer Science and programming in general. The CSS has a large number of genre-specific conventions because there are many coding languages that explored in it such as Java, C++, and Python. As a member of this community I view its practices and values as necessary for the community to thrive, without common coding languages it would be impossible for communication between recipients. As such I believe that the practices and values of the CSS do not only reflect their writing practices, they in fact define them. And it needs to since we bolster over 100 active members in just my class alone.

On the other hand this Writing and Inquiry community that I am a part of consist of mostly verbal communication for its daily communication. It provokes conversational debate over topics that relate to writing practices and inquiries as well as communicating through inquiries and blogs. So far the majority of our intercommunication has been verbal or through blog post. This community is split into relatively small groups of 30 or fewer person classes that interact biweekly in order to further their understanding of writing and inquiries. I personally enjoy this method over larger communities because it engages a sense of camaraderie not felt by larger groups. I don’t believe there are any genre-specific conventions used in this community however the style of writing inquiries could be a convention since we all share a similar method in order to fulfill the requirements of the course. In this community the practices and values are used as methods to enhance writing practices among members, it is a community with the goal of improving its members through enrichment and inquiry.

There are many similarities in CSS and Writing & Inquiry community since they both share a common goal of educating students, however the methods used vary vastly. As such there are many different experiences a lucky college student such as myself can feel while they journey through higher education and I believe that to be immensely important for future success.